Stuckey Construction Company strives to ensure that all production is of the highest quality by measuring and exploring process improvement in all areas. From the beginning stages of project planning through the final completion of every project, the goal of the management team is to attain the highest level of quality. The Stuckey Quality Management (SQM) goal is to build safe and practical facilities, while avoiding issues which negatively affect cost and schedule.

Our many years of experience has shown that each job in unique. For instance, there are different quality expectations for a school project versus a swimming pool. Our SQM team incorporates each difference among our various projects.  Understanding all aspects of each project allows our management team to assure that the final products are of superior quality.

In conjunction with SQM, Stuckey Construction Company maintains certifications in those industry standard quality programs that are most important to achieving and documenting the highest construction quality possible. These certifications include:

  • Wall Panel Systems - Certified installers of various wall panel and sub framing systems
  • Swimming Pool Construction - Illinois Department of Public Health, Certified Pool Constructor

By drawing on lessons learned in multiple markets, Stuckey Construction Company has built a diverse body of work and knowledge that enables us to bring quality to every project