Stuckey Construction Company has set ambitious, yet attainable safety program goals. First and foremost, we strive to complete each of project with zero incidents. Training and planning has proven successful in prevention of jobsite incidents. Stuckey Construction Company has incorporated four main ways in which we successfully implement our safety program:

  • Plan
  • Communicate
  • Observe
  • Improve

We train all of our employees on the importance of safety. If employees understand the potential risks that may occur on construction sites and the importance of safety, then they will be more likely to follow safe practices. Stuckey Construction Company uses OSHA standards as basic ground rules for safety, and we built upon these rules to create the most effective safety program. Employees find safe projects positive places to work, generally better organized, cleaner, and more apt to stay on schedule. All of these qualities create a less conflicted and stressful work environment, and thus improves productivity within safe surroundings.